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Today’s generation is greatly fascinated by online games. Every second young kid or teen can be found playing games online. Different online gaming platforms that have come up in the market with their attractive features have raised the interest of gamers further. Roblox is also a great online gaming site on which you can play different 3-D games. But if you don’t know how to get free Robux, you will have to work hard to earn this virtual currency. 

Free Robux

You either have to clear tough stages, participate in contests, or pay money to buy Robux. However, it seems an uphill task for most of the persons at one time or the other. It is well obvious that nobody would like to burn a hole in their pocket for Robux every single time.

So, what is the alternative solution to it? Don’t worry as it is possible to avoid huge expenses and uphill tasks and stages and still get Robux for yourself. Sounds interesting? For you to know how you can do this, the next section contains the ways you can use to get free Robux

How to Get Free Robux

Free Robux gnerator

Though you can always search for different methods to find out the best method that works for you the most, here are some tested methods that are sure to help get easy Robux.

  • Free Roblox Promo Codes

It may surprise you to hear that you can get promo codes for Roblox for free. If you are socially active and have been following the accounts and groups that share these promo codes on social media, you are sure to get promo codes for your games on Roblox. These promo codes can help generate the virtual currency for you. You can then use the generated virtual currency of Robux to purchase weapons, clothing items and upgrades of avatars in games. 

Further, some YouTube channels are also dedicated to Roblox and keep uploading the videos teaching the strategies and tips for Roblox. You can use these techniques in games to increase your chances of success and earning Robux. 

Even the staff members of Roblox sometimes share promo codes that Roblox admins generate for use on Roblox. So, keep yourself updated about the latest promo codes released on different sources and make use of them.

  • Free Robux Generator

If you search on Google, you will get different sites promising to generate Robux for free. They have Robux generators on their websites to generate this virtual currency. However, don’t get too tempted to smell a rat. The fact is that even though many such sites may offer you so many Robux coins for free, they are not authenticated. 

Some sites are of no avail as the generators on them don’t work when put to use. 

Some other sites are meant to cheat you by coaxing you into revealing your confidential account details and take advantage of your temptation to abuse your account. This way, your security gets into hot water. So, beware of all such sites that ask for your account details besides your username. Don’t give away your password at any rate, no matter how genuine and tempting the offer a site gives to you. Keep in mind that It is better to be safe than sorry.

  • Free Robux Gift Card Generator

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Just like you can redeem promo codes to generate Robux, you can also use gift cards to generate Robux. Different sites are available where they give you Robux Gift Cards for free and you can redeem the code on those cards to get the amount on that gift credited to the account you use to play Roblox games.

  • Google Play Codes

You can also use Google Play Codes to earn Robux. Google Play Store is the best place to find a plethora of games and apps. Different websites are there on which you can get the latest Google Play Codes for free. All you need is to download some apps, complete some free and simple surveys, or complete a simple task given on them. 

You can avail of these play codes and redeem them for Robux. This way, you can easily get Robux without much effort. 

So, you can see that it is one of the best and easiest methods to earn virtual currency for free.

  • iTunes Credit

iTunes credit is the counterpart of Google Play Codes for iOS users. If you have an iPhone/iPad and want to enjoy Roblox, you can use the iTunes credit to get Robux without spending anything. You can search for some sites that give you iTunes credits in return for completing surveys and tasks and watching videos.

  • Builder’ Club

This is a semi-free method to generate Robux. You have to invest for once to purchase the membership of a Builder’s Club. After you have invested for once, you can freely use this membership to avail of its advantages. One of the best perks you get with this membership is the Robux stipend every day. 

The stipend you get will help buy powers, upgrades, and items in games and win. 

The three memberships that you can choose from are.

Classic Builder’s Club Gives 450 Robux daily

Turbo Builder’s Club Gives 1050 Robux daily

Outrageous Builder’s Club Gives 1800 Robux daily.

Free Robux

Besides the daily stipend, you will get 100 Robux as the bonus on joining any Builder’s Club. 

Even this method can be free if you search for some sites that can give you reward points using which you can buy the membership of a Builder’s Club of your choice.   

  • Sell Stuff 

If you have extra stuff on you that you don’t need anymore, you can sell that stuff for Robux. You get a 70% share of the money the buyer pays for your stuff. The rest 30% is kept with Roblox. You can sell stuff even if you are not a member of Builder’s Club, but this way you will get only 10% of the selling price. 

  • Sell Creations

If you have creativity in you but can’t understand how to get free Robux using that, you need not think much as getting Robux with creativity is very simple.  

Roblox lets you use your creativity to get Robux. If you are a Builder’s Club member and have the artistry to create some good games or clothing items or other virtual stuff for others, you can easily add those to your catalog for sale and fix set a selling price for each of them. If the other persons like your creations, they will not only buy your items but also get ready to hire you to design items for them. In return, they will pay good amounts. 

Free Robux Generator

So, if you have been thinking of how to get free Robux for long, your quest is over now as the ways discussed above are sure to help you get Robux easily and for free. 


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