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If you are passionate for online games, then come to Roblox! It is an online game with exciting features that are enough to drive you crazy. Get registered for free and find suitable partners for playing games. What if you could develop your own game to share with your friends? Go for it and enjoy the games. Share it with you friends and let them know how much fun you are having here.

Get Free Robux 

The world of online gaming is expanding with each passing day and is becoming more popular. Today, different online gaming sites and platforms have taken the online gaming industry by storm. Roblox is also among such highly popular gaming websites. It is the largest gaming platform developed by users and has a monthly user base of 100 million. However, just like almost every online game, Roblox games also need a currency by the name Robux. A free Robux generator trick or technique is important for Roblox gamers as it saves the money and efforts they would otherwise put in for Robux.  

Free robux generator
Robux is greatly important for Roblox as it is like a key to the enjoyment in Roblox games as it helps unlock advanced game levels, change avatars in games, and use them to get various weapons and special powers in games. In-game customization is difficult to imagine without this virtual currency one needs for Roblox. However, it is not feasible to spend your hard-earned real-world currency on buying Robux. Further, users find it difficult to clear all levels in a game. Therefore, people often land up grasping at straws to find different ways to get
free Robux.

Many sites claim to have a Robux generator or hack that can generate Robux for free. However, one cannot trust every such site as many of them are often treacherous. Desperate users often get lured into giving away their password or other important details and the security of their accounts gets compromised. If you really want to understand how to get Robux for free, this site can help you with that. Further, this site ensures:

  • Safety

Be relaxed as our site will never ask for any other detail of your Roblox account but your username. No password is needed to avail of any Robux hack or generator available at our site. 

  • Compatibility

The developers here ensure that the hacks for Robux made available on this site are compatible with all platforms. No matter which operating system you are playing Roblox on, Robux hacks here are sure to work for that. These hacks have been tested on a plethora of platforms including Mac, Windows, iOS, and Xbox and found to be working efficiently on all of them.

  • Security

A 256-bit Advanced Encryption System (AES)  connection accompanied by private proxies ensures that no hacker lays his hands on your Roblox account details and use them wrongfully. 

How to Use Free Robux Generator?

Free Robux

Follow a few simple steps given below to avail of the Robux generator on this site.

  • Type in your Roblox Username

Enter the username you use in Roblox games and hit ‘Submit’. Hitting ‘Submit’ will redirect you to our Package Selection page where you can choose how many Robux coins you want to add to your account. Make sure that you enter the username correctly as only one attempt is allowed from one IP address every 24 hours. Any attempt to abuse of this generator can bring you a 7-day ban. So, make sure that you use it ethically.

  • Select Robux Amount

After you are redirected to this Package Selection page, you need to choose a package out of the available ones to get the desired quantity of Robux added to your account. Further, you can get up to 22,500 Robux coins, the largest amount Roblox sells to its users officially.

  • Wait for Credit of Robux

After you select the Robux amount, you may have to wait for some time as you may be placed in a queue as per the service load on this site. However, once you pass that queue, your selected Robux amount will get credited. 

How to Generate Free Robux?

Roblux generator

Besides using the hacks for easy Robux on different sites, you can also consider some alternative ways to get free Robux for free. Some of them are given below for you.

  • Roblox Gift Cards

Roblox gift cards the unique codes you can use to buy a Builder’s Club membership and get Robux for free every day. Our site keeps updating these gift cards on a weekly basis. You can visit this site and avail of the Roblox Gift Cards and add Robux to your account free of cost.

  • Roblox Promo Codes

Roblox Promo Codes are the codes associated with Roblox games and are generally issued by Roblox staff members. Further, they can sometimes be generated by Roblox admins so that gamers can use them to purchase free items in games. The promo codes available at this site are updated on a regular basis so that you can always get your hands on otherwise hard-to-get free items or Robux by applying them in your games.

Instructions to use the promo codes

  • Copy the code you want to apply in a game.

    Free Robux hack
  • If you already have a Roblox account, log in to that account. However, if you are new to this gaming platform, you need to create a Roblox account by visiting the official website, entering the details you need for registration. The details include your date of birth, username and password (you can set them as per your wish. However, don’t use your real name as your username on Roblox.) The last entry you need to fill in is your gender. After you’re done with filling in the information required for the creation of your account, hit the ‘Sign Up’ button given at the end of the registration form. This step will create an account on Roblox. 
  • Navigate to the section of ‘Promo Codes’.
  • Paste the copied promo code to the field for it.
  • Hit ‘Redeem’.

This way, your virtual free bonus will be credited to your account. 

  • Rixty Codes

Rixty is a popular reward points site. You can easily get the reward points for different games like WarFrame, World of Tanks, Roblox, etc. by registering on this site and trading these reward points for Rixty codes. These code cards can be easily used in Roblox to buy free Robux. You can use these Robux coins for the full-fledged utilization of all the features of different games on this gaming platform. 

Steps to Redeem Rixty Codes

  • Log in to the active Roblox account you have. 
  • Select the Robux option from the top menu and click ‘Buy Now’ to buy a Builder’s Club membership. Out of the payment options available, choose to pay via Rixty.
  • If you have a Rixty code that has not been redeemed, enter that code and click ‘Redeem’ followed by a click on the ‘Submit Order’ button. 
  • In case you have a Rixty code that has already been redeemed, open ‘Have a Rixty Code’ link by clicking on it and wait till the next page loads.
  • After you are taken to the ‘Buy Now’ page, choose the Robux amount you want for free.
  • Login to your Rixty account by typing in your login credentials.
  • After you are logged in to your Rixty account, you’ll get to view your current Rixty balance.
  • Choose the amount of Robux you want to add to your account based on what all tasks you have performed in your Rixty account. Purchase the selected Robux amount with Rixty balance. 
  • Google Play Codes

Google Play Store is the store for a variety of games, apps and movies for Android users. You can get Google Gift cards or play codes that can help gamers of different games earn free Robux. 

Different sites offer Google gift cards for free and you can redeem these gift cards to get Robux.
What you need to avail of these free play codes on such sites is complete several free surveys, complete an assigned task on any such site. You can then use these play codes to get free virtual currency for Roblox. Further, you can redeem these codes not only for Roblox but also for other games like Clash of Clans, PUBG, or Free Fire, etc. 

  • iTunes Credit

Just like Android users can use Google gift cards to get free virtual currency, iOS users can use iTunes credit for that. You need to take a survey or watch videos to get reward points. Signing up for newsletters to get reward points in your App Store is also possible. This iTunes credit balance can then be used to purchase Robux for Roblox.

  • Sell Game Passes, Clothes and other Creations

This is yet another good Robux hack you can use to collect Robux speedily and easily. If you are good at developing games, you can create games and sell passes for them in the Roblox club and use the Robux you get in exchange for those game passes to enjoy different games and in-game customizations. Further, you can also design virtual clothing items like hats, pants or shirts and sell them to get Robux easily and free of cost. Further, if you a genius in creating games and other items, you can even get hired by other persons to create items or games for free Robux.

  • Use Social Media to Keep Yourself Updated

If you are a true lover of Roblox, you must understand how to get Robux for free from social media platforms. Follow different Facebook groups dedicated to Roblox. Generally, developers of various games give away some promo codes for their games in these groups. Send a ‘Join’ request to all such groups and if you are lucky enough, your ‘Join’ request will be approved and you will become a member of one or more such groups. This way, you can always keep yourself informed about the latest promo codes and hacks to earn Robux.

  • Builder’s Club Membership

If you have been on the hunt for a free Robux hack for Robux, this way might not interest you much as you will have to shell out real-world currency to purchase the membership of a Builder’s Club. However, even if this is not an absolutely free method, you can consider it due to the advantages you get from it. This premium membership of the Builder’s Club once bought can fetch you great benefits in the form of frequent offers and rewards. Further, you get a fixed amount of this virtual currency every day based on the level of your membership.


Three tiers of Builder’s Club memberships

Free Robux hack

  • Classic Builder’s Club Membership 

Available at a monthly subscription fee of $5.95 and an annual subscription fee of $57.95. You can get daily Robux worth R$15 through this membership. Further, you can sell virtual stuff here and make more Robux easily. 

  • Turbo Builder’s Club Membership 

Available at a monthly subscription fee of $11.95 and an annual subscription fee of $85.95. You can get daily Robux worth R$35 through this membership.

  • Outrageous Builder’s Club Membership 

Available at a monthly subscription fee of $19.95 and an annual subscription fee of $129.95. This membership gives you daily Robux worth R$60. 

How to Get Robux for Free

Thus, you see that Robux is a virtual currency indispensable in Roblox games. However, as it is not practically feasible every time to get this currency to survive in Roblox games and enjoy them for free, one or the other free Robux hack comes in handy for lovers of the games on this 3-D platform with over 15 million user-created games. 

Make sure that you never give away your crucial accounts to any such site that claims that it would help you get free Robux without human verification. Never enter your Roblox account password on any such site. Further, to ensure that the hacks available on any such site are absolutely risk-free and genuine, try using them on a dummy account to gauge their efficiency. 
Free Robux

Our developers have left no stone unturned to make the latest and most efficient techniques to generate Robux for free available on this site. So, enjoy them and be assured of your account security while using the hacks from our site. Good luck with free Robux!



Hey, now you can get all the perks of this game with Roblox! Enjoy the games like never before without having to worry about any dime form your pocket. Just play, play and play!


Your privacy and confidentiality is valuable to us. While you enjoy the game, keep in mind that we never ask for your passwords and similar details. So enjoy the game but keep your safety in mind.

Other ways to get free Robux?

Free Robux is something that you might want as a gamer. You can get the free Robux with Freegenday. 

While looking for the free ways, you might come across many advertisements that might project false offers and disounts. Getting free Robux with other strategies is time-taking. So better go for Freegenday to avoid time consuming strategies. 

What can be more rewarding than spending minimal time and getting rewards?

Free Robux Generator through Roblox Promo Codes

Do you know about Roblox Promo Codes? When you are involved in gaming on the Robux, you get some free gift cards and coupons that you can use to get this game for free of cost. 

There might be a problem for you in finding the right coupon/ code through a reliable source on internet. There can be some other issues that they can the time to redeem and might even expire before you can get them redeemed. You need a lot of patience to get them. If you are the one looking for answers to how to get free robux, we have got some promo codes that you can use to get  this game.  These promo codes can be added to your accounts and tye best part is that you can find them at any socila networking platform and for more gun, you can simply get involved in the Roblox Group. To stay tuned with the updates in the game, you can even follow the professionals in this game. 

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